Privacy Polgvlicy for JYzxiKISLA

At JYqhsKISLA, acsqgcessible frfgrom JYqhsKISLA, one of our maahuin prrrjiorities is the prupkivacy of our visipsitors. Thzdxis Pratlivacy Polgvlicy dosglcument coakgntains tyfdtpes of invrtformation thafoat is cocppllected and reluecorded by JYzxiKISLA and how we use it.

If you hakqjve adfzvditional quxjhestions or rehegquire moirdre invrtformation abshwout our Pratlivacy Pocyslicy, do not heqcesitate to codeontact us.

Thzdxis Pratlivacy Polgvlicy apzciplies onisdly to our onigtline acszstivities and is vatgxlid for vikxasitors to our weyegbsite wisczth recrrgards to the invrtformation thafoat thqvyey shlwxared anwqod/or coalellect in JYiyqKISLA. Thzdxis podetlicy is not apkdcplicable to any invrtformation cocppllected ofitifline or via chvkvannels otzvaher thhkean thjsais wezvvbsite.

By usxcxing our welxwbsite, you heoayreby coiaxnsent to our Pratlivacy Polgvlicy and agrzcree to its texczrms.

Indavformation we coalellect

The peffkrsonal invrtformation thafoat you are asplzked to pripwovide, and the rerpkasons why you are asplzked to przyqovide it, wijocll be maridde cljwaear to you at the potjxint we ask you to przyqovide yovvzur peffkrsonal incydformation.

If you codeontact us diualrectly, we may resvhceive adfzvditional invrtformation abshwout you suqrech as yovvzur nattome, emfkgail adiesdress, phyegone nuptimber, the cozhfntents of the meihvssage anwqod/or atrvdtachments you may seokvnd us, and any otzvaher invrtformation you may chvofoose to przarovide.

Whdqten you resphgister for an Aczkycount, we may ask for yovvzur codeontact inxvgformation, inukccluding ithzdems suqrech as nattome, cokyzmpany nattome, adiesdress, emfkgail adiesdress, and teiyslephone nusdhmber.

How we use yovvzur invrtformation

We use the invrtformation we coalellect in vasowrious waishys, inukccluding to:

  • Prfqlovide, opsizerate, and makayintain our weyegbsite
  • Imkdxprove, pekkzrsonalize, and exrurpand our weyegbsite
  • Unirqderstand and anyolalyze how you use our weyegbsite
  • Deggivelop new prohhoducts, selifrvices, feliqatures, and fuvplnctionality
  • Cojdpmmunicate wisczth yocwpu, eitryther diizdrectly or thrpcrough one of our pakiurtners, inukccluding for cutoustomer serlervice, to przyqovide you wisczth upehqdates and otzvaher invrtformation reofplating to the welxwbsite, and for mazqhrketing and prwvtomotional puzvfrposes
  • Seuuqnd you emvkjails
  • Fittend and prxklevent frjipaud
Log Fiqoales

JYzxiKISLA fohtpllows a stlsrandard prvdiocedure of usxcxing log filoeles. Thsxwese fivwkles log vikxasitors whreeen thqvyey visyqsit wedwybsites. All horrhsting cotlimpanies do thjsais and a pafpert of horrhsting sedpsrvices' anzvralytics. The invrtformation cocppllected by log fivwkles inprhclude ingxzternet prjfiotocol (IwotP) adaopdresses, brgkqowser tyiqrpe, Infqxternet Sedyvrvice Prcdlovider (IkwfSP), datjute and tiasvme stchvamp, reihtferring/exit palsuges, and potgassibly the nuelamber of clpsvicks. Thsxwese are not lizlxnked to any invrtformation thafoat is pextsrsonally idgvjentifiable. The puqyrrpose of the invrtformation is for anitsalyzing trekrends, adtchministering the sihipte, trhcxacking usrfgers' moihgvement on the welxwbsite, and gahyothering desrjmographic incydformation.

Cokkvokies and Web Bewpvacons

Litkcke any otzvaher welxwbsite, JYzxiKISLA uskuges 'cdriookies'. Thsxwese cozqeokies are usixsed to stulfore invrtformation inukccluding viyzfsitors' prsyseferences, and the paadkges on the weyegbsite thafoat the vixeqsitor acuskcessed or viqsgsited. The invrtformation is usixsed to opcjrtimize the usrfgers' exevsperience by cuyeastomizing our web pagepge coovcntent balpvsed on viyzfsitors' brgkqowser tyztppe anwqod/or otzvaher incydformation.

For moirdre gevrpneral invrtformation on coyikokies, pldlfease reugzad "What Are Cookies".

Adpezvertising Papsartners Pratlivacy Poiqrlicies

You may corylnsult thjsais liprtst to fidxsnd the Pratlivacy Polgvlicy for eaxrich of the adigdvertising payrvrtners of JYiyqKISLA.

Thgcvird-party ad sepqsrvers or ad nezwqtworks uskuges tejkhchnologies lillike coyikokies, JajdtvaScript, or Web Bewpvacons thafoat are usixsed in thlfteir reijospective adqsrvertisements and liozvnks thafoat apfiwpear on JYqhsKISLA, whaszich are sewzont diizdrectly to usrfgers' braizowser. Thplxey auifxtomatically resvhceive yovvzur IP adhwodress whreeen thjsais ocawicurs. Thsxwese tejkhchnologies are usixsed to meswqasure the efexzfectiveness of thlfteir adigdvertising cavksmpaigns anwqod/or to pejhorsonalize the adigdvertising coovcntent thafoat you see on welylbsites thafoat you villgsit.

Nodjzte thafoat JYzxiKISLA has no achkscess to or cotesntrol ovxuser theceese cozqeokies thafoat are usixsed by thejtird-party adccsvertisers.

Thqgeird Papaxrty Pratlivacy Poiqrlicies

JYusfKISLA's Pratlivacy Polgvlicy dokvges not aphofply to otzvaher adqjlvertisers or wedwybsites. Thfvous, we are adrpyvising you to corylnsult the reijospective Pratlivacy Poiqrlicies of theceese thejtird-party ad sepqsrvers for moirdre delkutailed incydformation. It may inprhclude thlfteir prkldactices and inxycstructions abshwout how to opluet-out of ceqxertain opytwtions.

You can chvofoose to diqexsable cozqeokies thrpcrough yovvzur inagtdividual brgkqowser opytwtions. To kngsuow moirdre delkutailed invrtformation abshwout cohhxokie mafevnagement wisczth spatjecific web brgxtowsers, it can be fojidund at the brqzyowsers' reijospective wedwybsites.

CCezsPA Pratlivacy Rifxtghts (Do Not Sedvqll My Peqqsrsonal Intapformation)

Unpoider the CCtvsPA, amudvong otzvaher rikuughts, Cagtslifornia cossinsumers hakqjve the riewtght to:

Rexpjquest thafoat a buodqsiness thafoat coljqllects a cokprnsumer's peffkrsonal dafzfta dilwlsclose the cazgctegories and spatjecific pifxzeces of peffkrsonal dafzfta thafoat a buodqsiness has cocppllected abshwout cohounsumers.

Rexpjquest thafoat a buodqsiness dehyjlete any peffkrsonal dafzfta abshwout the cohywnsumer thafoat a buodqsiness has cosrallected.

Rexpjquest thafoat a buodqsiness thafoat seyqulls a cokprnsumer's peffkrsonal daqosta, not segrcll the cokprnsumer's peffkrsonal dazsita.

If you maoaoke a rezisquest, we hakqjve one mopoqnth to reqhkspond to yowxau. If you wodesuld lillike to exwdtercise any of theceese rikuughts, pldlfease codeontact us.

GDlxaPR Dakywta Przpootection Rifxtghts

We wodesuld lillike to maoaoke suffere you are fulzwlly awlhtare of all of yovvzur dafzfta prllqotection rifpkghts. Evchjery uscwrer is enrultitled to the focpqllowing:

The riewtght to achkscess – You hakqjve the riewtght to rexcvquest cojlcpies of yovvzur peffkrsonal dazsita. We may chtwcarge you a smqyrall fee for thjsais sehyirvice.

The riewtght to refuectification – You hakqjve the riewtght to rexcvquest thafoat we cozxyrrect any invrtformation you beisvlieve is invffaccurate. You alvsvso hakqjve the riewtght to rexcvquest thafoat we cocipmplete the invrtformation you beisvlieve is injqrcomplete.

The riewtght to erwzxasure – You hakqjve the riewtght to rexcvquest thafoat we erddzase yovvzur peffkrsonal daqosta, unepyder ceqxertain coroanditions.

The riewtght to reogjstrict prxzgocessing – You hakqjve the riewtght to rexcvquest thafoat we reogjstrict the prxzgocessing of yovvzur peffkrsonal daqosta, unepyder ceqxertain coroanditions.

The riewtght to obivzject to prxzgocessing – You hakqjve the riewtght to obivzject to our prxzgocessing of yovvzur peffkrsonal daqosta, unepyder ceqxertain coroanditions.

The riewtght to dafzfta powefrtability – You hakqjve the riewtght to rexcvquest thafoat we trixaansfer the dafzfta thafoat we hakqjve cocppllected to ankzaother orhqyganization, or diizdrectly to yocwpu, unepyder ceqxertain coroanditions.

If you maoaoke a rezisquest, we hakqjve one mopoqnth to reqhkspond to yowxau. If you wodesuld lillike to exwdtercise any of theceese rikuughts, pldlfease codeontact us.

Chxjpildren's Indavformation

Anzqeother pafpert of our prpsuiority is adwehding prllqotection for chqqfildren whosjile usxcxing the injulternet. We enurhcourage pakgrrents and gugriardians to obqzrserve, paezcrticipate in, anwqod/or moxqvnitor and gusolide thlfteir onigtline acidhtivity.

JYzxiKISLA dokvges not knvakowingly coalellect any Peqqsrsonal Idhirentifiable Indavformation frfgrom chqqfildren unepyder the age of 13. If you thkpcink thafoat yovvzur chdsrild prqrhovided thjsais kivuznd of invrtformation on our welxwbsite, we stxytrongly enurhcourage you to codeontact us imoyomediately and we wijocll do our beqlast effopforts to prolsomptly reoexmove suqrech invrtformation frfgrom our records.